A Hemka Lullabye or (Un Hemka Con Insonmio) is one of the short films of the Web series Hanazuki Full Of Treasures which was written by Whitney Ralls and published on June 16 of 2018 and is the second short film in the whole series


Guaoh! It seems that despite the hour little hemkas do not want to go to sleep !!! It seems that it will be a very hard night for the poor hanazuki! WAIT A MINUTE!! One, two, three, four .... Where is yellow? !! oh! It seems that the very reboltoso will not go to sleep so easily!


The short film begins with a certain moonflower entering his house that was previously built by his little ones who apparently have a lot of energy to go to sleep, while they jump and scream the innocent little moonflower asks them to calm down but To do it, just win a little jump at her from Amarillo who is holding in the arms of the moonflower, after hanazuki takes them to sleep they start to jump and play even more, after the little moonflower manages to calm down little to his pets he realizes that a certain yellow orejon is loose, when hanazuki look him in a corner he tries to catch it but he escapes jumping to a pedestal on the wall, while the moonflower asks him to come down, he only mocks and goes down to jump on his friends hemkas, the moonflower already irritated asks if everything for him is a game, to which he only responds with a blink

Once she manages to catch the reboltoso hemka, she tries to calm them down with a song to sleep and when she thinks they all fell asleep, she just wishes them sweet dreams after yawning, and by the time she leaves home and the door closes he hears a sudden sound of laughter and when he looks back he notices that the hemkas disappeared from his panar to sleep, at first he does not give much importance but when he reacts in if he looks back and to the end all the hemkas jump out of it and they escape to which her furious screams irritated by the immaturity of her little ones


Yellow Hemka
Red Hemka
Hemka Blue
Hemka Rosa
Hemka Orange


.If you realize, after hanazuki puts the yellow hemka on the sleeping comb, we'll notice that Rojo grabs poor Hemka Azul and forcefully throws him
.There is a reference to tarzan movies when red Hemka hitting his chest with his ears
.In addition to the rematerized animation that was done to hanazuki, you can notice the change of improved animation that was added to the hemkas this was noticed more than anything with Yellow
.This is the second short of the whole series
.The sleeping place of the hemkas is like a honeycomb in half
.It's the first time we see hanazuki singing
.This is the second chapter of the whole series where it is only was starring by hanazuki and the hemkas, the first was "A moonflower is born
.It is curious that only 5 hemkas in the chapter and not the ten, although it is understood how difficult it is to add so many characters in a single picture
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