A Moonflower is Born is the first episode of the first season of Hanazuki Full of Treasures, and is the 1st episode overall.

Official Synopsis

In Episode #1, Hanazuki the Moonflower gets born on her moon and meets the Hemkas and Little Dreamer. Moments after Little Dreamer gives Hanazuki her first treasure the Hemka have stolen it. As Hanazuki’s efforts to retrieve the treasure, escalate into chaos, she must consider whether there’s something more important than recovering this treasure that’s rightfully hers.


A Moonflower is Born (8)

The sludge in the sink has gotten its revenge!

The episode starts off with a narration from a distant observer. A colorful planetoid (a moon, as the narrator calls it,) looms into view and is engulfed by an encroaching black mass. Once the dark matter ungrasps the planetoid from its clutches and drifts off, we see that only a hollow grey husk of the planetoid remains. The narrator comments on what has transpired and informs us that Moonflowers are supposed to protect the moons of this galaxy, yet admitting that against the black mass onscreen, they never win.

A small boy in a colorful costume drifts into view, seemingly half-asleep and mumbling to himself. He floats across space for a moment before stopping in front of a rock with a spinning rainbow-colored flower on it. The small boy blows onto the rock and it begins to shake, then float away, burying itself into a nearby lively moon. The narrator then states that another Moonflower is coming, and she narrates that she's dubious of the upcoming Moonflower's ability to hold back the black miasma.

A Moonflower is Born (18)

Note: Not an accurate depiction of childbirth

The jagged rock completely submerges itself into the dirt, then a vibrant beam of rainbow bursts upwards from the ground. The rainbow beem twists and turns as an arm stretches out from within it. The rainbow light opens up and out comes spiraling a humanoid being; a young girl, as she lands on her feet. She has petals for hair and a flower sits atop her head.

Energetically, she looks around her vicinity with curiosity. Not before long, she spots six small, long-eared, legless beings of the planet hiding behind some bushes. Wary of the stranger in front of them, the long-eared beings of the planet wait and watch from behind the bushes. The young girl can't help herself as she finds the beings in front of her adorable and enamoring, so she approaches them and gives chase. This frightens the long-eared beings, prompting them to bounce away from the incoming stranger.

Dejected, the young Moonflower sits on top of a hill and ponders what she should be doing. Not a moment too soon, the small floating boy from the introduction of the episode drifts in front of the young girl, and gives to her what seems to be a trinket shaped into a popsicle stick with a face on it.

A Moonflower is Born (32)

It's the ice cream man!

The young girl is grateful for the trinket, even though she is unsure just exactly what she was given. She asks the floating young boy what to do with the trinket given to her, but he mumbles an incomprehensible answer before flying out of the area at hypersonic speed.

The flower girl only makes sense of the latter part of what the small boy mumbled as "grow". She proceeds to stick the popsicle trinket into the ground and wait for something to happen before picking the trinket right back up.

The long-eared creatures immediately make their way in front of the child, attracted by the treasure in her hands. Without hesitation the red one snatches the treasure from the Moonflower's hands and swiftly bounces away with it. The child gives chase and so do the other long-eared creatures.

The creatures fall onto each other and get into a dust scrap for a short while. Out from the scrap the red creature emerges with the popsicle trinket in his mouth. Still on the run, the red creature jumps over a large lava pit, safely making it to the other side. The Moonflower makes the daring leap and continues to follow. As the Moonflower chases the red long-eared creature, she finds herself appreciating the vivid and vibrant surroundings. Shortly after, the red creature jumps into a large floating mouth, and the Moonflower follows, unknown of what lies on the other side.

It turns out that the mouth she jumps into is a portal that exits outwards from another mouth. Continuing her search, Moonflower quickly learns that the red creature needs the treasure it snatched from her to hammer at a space rock that has fallen directly onto the home of the red creature.

Understanding the situation, the Moonflower vows to help the red creature get the space rock out of the red creature's home. While they're busy trying to get the rock out of the home, the orange creature picks up the treasure and starts to play with it. The Moonflower and Red confront Orange (as she has decided to dub the creatures based on their colors) for the treasure, and all three of them get into an argument before the treasure is flung off to the possession of a lime green colored creature hiding in a small crevice near the ground. Lime Green manages to elude the three chasers, but the Moonflower snatches the treasure away from it, exclaiming her victory before pitifully handing it over to Blue, who was sobbing for not being able to hold onto the treasure.

Ecstatic with the treasure, Blue bounces around the area gleefully until it falls into the lava pit both Red and the Moonflower jumped across when Red was being chased. Blue manages to survive since it fell on top of a foothold that can support it. Seeing that one of their kind was in trouble, the long-eared creatures come together and shape-shift into a ladder so Blue could get out of the Lava Pit. Immediately afterwards, the creatures fight for the treasure once more.

Fed up with all the fighting, the Moonflower scolds the creatures and gives up the treasure to them. As she rants about the discord and chaos within the creatures, the Moonflower begins to glow red, and the treasure she stuck on the ground pulsates a faint red glow. The moonflower then heads back to the broken home via the Mouth Portal. Out of guilt, most of the creatures (except for Yellow, who is as happy as ever) follow the Moonflower to Red's broken home to fix it.

A Moonflower is Born (82)

"A little old-fashioned hard work never hurt anybody!"

The Moonflower heaves a large space rock off the home and Purple slathers glittery goop on the hole it left, fixing the home up. Eventually Yellow shows up with the treasure where the Moonflower and the rest of the creatures are and the creatures fight over the treasure again, aggravating the already exasperated Moonflower.

The Moonflower tries to continue with the job at hand, once again glowing red as she does this. Unbeknowest to those fighting, and to the Moonflower herself, the treasure has begun to faintly glow red.

Feeling remorseful of his actions, Red stops fighting over the treasure and goes to the Moonflower to help her lift the heavy home. The other creatures follow suit. Successfully, they're able to move the home to an area beneath several crystals so that it won't be hit by flying space rocks ever again.

Yellow hands over the popsicle treasure to the Moonflower. Upon touching the treasure, it turns completely red and its eyes open, its expression in a frown. The popsicle falls and melts into the ground. From there a red tree bursts out, with a frowning face on its trunk.

The small boy from the start of the episode returns once again after the phenomena, handing the Moonflower a rocket-shaped treasure. After taking the treasure, the Moonflower asks what her name is. Once again, the small boy mumbles an answer that the Moonflower does not comprehend. However, the pyramid with a face nearby clarifys that the Moonflower's name is Hanazuki.

From afar, we can see that the red tree acts as a deterrant to the black mass that once ate up an entire Moon.

In the ending of the episode, we are introduced to the narrator at the start of the episode: a pale Moonflower with a dog-like creature standing on a barren moon, looking on at Hanazuki's red tree. The duo is surrounded by mountains of unplanted treasures.



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'A Moonflower is Born' Hanazuki Ep 1 EXCLUSIVE Full Episode

'A Moonflower is Born' Hanazuki Ep 1 EXCLUSIVE Full Episode


  • Hanazuki grows her first treasure tree here, which is a Red Treasure Tree. It is located near a Goop Fountain and what seems to be the Safety Cave.
  • The design of the Red Treasure Tree seems to have been retconned. In this episode the Red Treasure Tree grows relatively vertical and upward. In future episodes the Red Treasure Tree is shown to be more spikey in nature and protrudes outward in several directions.
  • The treasure given to Hanazuki at the end of the episode, the one shaped like a rocket, also seems to have been retconned because in the next episode Hanazuki gets another treasure from Little Dreamer, although we have not yet seen Hanazuki grow the one given to her in the final parts of this episode. It is also possible it could have been grown offscreen.


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