Blue Hemka (or simply called Blue) is a character in the web-series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. He is one among the group of Hemkas that live on Hanazuki's moon and represents a "Sad" mood.


Blue is a Hemka that is dominantly blue. His belly has a lighter shade than his coat, while his ears and cheeks are darker. His pupils have a single shine in them and appears sad for most of the time. He keeps a sad, teary face as a default, and the sounds he produces resemble sobbing and wheezing.


Blue, along with the other Hemkas, has lived on Hanazuki's moon even before her arrival in A Moonflower is Born. In this episode, Hanazuki lends the treasure to Blue out of pity in hopes of lifting his mood up. Upon getting the treasure, he runs off and nearly falls into a pit of lava, once everyone worked together to help him out, all the Hemkas fight for the treasure again until Hanazuki gets feisty and stops them.

In Little Blue Hemka, he is accidentally flattened by Hanazuki, which made him even sadder than usual. Once Hanazuki comforts him regarding his flattened form, he cheered up a bit. After Sleepy Unicorn saves him from from falling to his doom, Hanazuki's sadness over her mistake eventually led to the growth of a blue treasure tree.

In Homesick, after Zikoro tells the Hemkas his story, Blue was clearly the saddest of group because though everyone present cried, he was still sobbing on the floor as the rest were leaving.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Though Blue sounds like a girl and is voiced by Jessica DiCicco, refers to Blue (and all other Hemkas) using the "he/him" pronoun.
  • He is similar to Weepy Smurf from The Smurfs, as they're both blue and have a tendency to cry.


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