[ Abbreviated Theme Song ]

Scene: Hanazuki, aboard the Spacesurfer, with Sleepy Unicorn piloting, is dodging energy blasts.

Hanazuki: Turn left! Nice one, S.U.! You still got stuff.

Sleepy Unicorn: (sighs) Not sure how much longer, though!

Hanazuki: We'll find out. On your right!

(Sleepy Unicorn turns the ship right, dodging another energy blast. Hanazuki looks at the window and sees the blasts coming from the Moon.)

Hanazuki: Right, left, right! Way to go, S.U.! You stopped the Spacesurfer just in time!

S.U.: I didn't stop it. We lost our whim!

Hanazuki: Oh no.

S.U. I'm done! (falls asleep)

Hanazuki: Sleepy Unicorn!

(The Spacesurfer gets trapped inside a bubble)

Hanazuki: Oh no. What's happening?

(Hanazuki unbuckles Zikoro's seatbelt. They see the Moon near them.)