Chicken Plant is an animal-plant hyrbid living on Hanazuki's moon. She lives in a trench between the Volcano of Fears and the Safety Cave, preying on hapless wandering Hemkas that comes close to her.


Chicken Plant looks to be part-hen and part-plant, with her stem looking like long chicken legs that connects her body to her roots, which look akin to a nest. She does not have feet and is completely stationary in her nest. She has a pink and magenta color scheme.

In What's a Chicken Plant, Hanazuki pries open Chicken Plant's mouth to get Yellow out, revealing a surprisingly metallic inside.

Depiction in the Game

Chicken Plant can be seen in the mobile app. The player can feed her various crystals, which will cause her to lay an egg containing a collectible that can be traded for one of the locked off set pieces that can be placed on the moon. 


Chicken Plant is a grouchy character. She is always hungry, hence she's always on the lookout for Hemkas to eat. She does not get along with the other characters, because she tends to nag at them to no end.



Chicken Plant is a neglectful mother. She has given birth twice in the show, and for the most part she wanted her offsprings to be out of her sight as soon as possible. It was only with Chicken Plant Jr. the second offspring born in the show, that Hanazuki got Chicken Plant to form a bond with her baby.

Doughy Bunington

Chicken Plant holds a grudge against Doughy Bunington. One night while Chicken Plant was sleeping, Doughy Bunington snuck up to her and ate her wings. Although Chicken Plant's wings grew back over time, she was traumatized by the event and ostracized Doughy to the Dark Side of the Moon, with the support from Dazzlessence Jones.

Appearaced in

Season 1

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