Hanazuki takes Kiazuki to a dance club on the Dark Side. Kiazuki can't enter it and says that she is not interested in going anyway.


On Hanazuki's house, Hanazuki and the Hemkas are preparing to go to a dance club called "The Party Cube", owned by Orange Hemka and located on the Dark Side. She tells Kiazuki if she is also excited to go, to what Kiazuki denies it. She claims it's just a "silly random square". Hanazuki corrects her, and tells her that it's actually the "Party Cube."

At the Dark Side, Hanazuki and the other Hemkas set their road to the Cube, with Kiazuki reluctantly following them. Hanazuki sees that the entrance is guarded by a creature called Axo. First one to enter is Doughy, who makes a puppet out of his hands and shows it to Axo. Axo finds it funny, and he lets him enter. Next is Dazzlessence, who sings and manages to get a chuckle out of him. Followed by Sleepy Unicorn, who levitates Kiyoshi and Maroshi, with the Hemkas doing a Matryoshka-like demonstration for him. Axo hugs them and lets them in.

Now, it's Hanazuki's turn. Axo tells them that he will only allow people to enter the Cube if they do something truly silly. Hanazuki asks Kiazuki to try. Kiazuki reluctantly accepts, and sticks out her tongue. But Axo can't let her enter, because it wasn't silly enough. Kiazuki brushes this off, and enters the Cube... only to find out that it's solid. Kiazuki tries to open it in vain, and Hanazuki convinces Kiazuki to do something really silly, and shows her a silly move: She sticks out her tongue, does a funny face and spins the flower on her forehead. Axo compliments her on that and pushes her into the Cube.

Kiazuki is tired of trying and says that the cube isn't that great anyway, and leaves with Zikoro. But Zikoro doesn't want to go home, as he wants to enter the Cube. He does his own silly move: spinning his tongue while his eyes are dizzy, and Axo lets him in. Kiazuki tries to follow him, but in vain. Kiazuki had enough of the cube, so she leaves.

Meanwhile, inside the Cube, Hanazuki slides down a rainbow and into the dance floor. She is amazed at the party environment, where Little Dreamer is the DJ. They start playing limbo, with Dazzlessence being the one to pass through the line created by the Hemkas.

Outside, Kiazuki is still complaining. She finds Basil Ganglia's cave, and speaks to him about how useless the Party Cube is. She tells him thay are dancing to terrible music,. and he retorts that dancing is also useless. Kiazuki corrects him by making an exception: it is okay in certain situaitons, but not inside a cube. Basil says that there{s nothing he'd rather do, except spending his days alone inside a cave. Kiazuki, realizing what he had been saying, leaves the cave.

Inside the Cube, Dazzlessence tries to get past the Hemka limbo line, but knocks the Hemkas down. He challenges Orange Hemka to a dance battle.

Kiazuki, having a change of heart, returns to the Cube, and tells Axo that she doesn't want to be alone like Basil, so she is ready to show him that she can be silly. Axo tells hwer that silliness can't be forced. Kiazuki leaves angrily.

Inside the Cube, Dazzlessence compliments Orange on his dance moves, and start dancing together.

Outside, Kiazuki decides to guard the Cube, since she is the only one left behind. But as soon as she started guarding, she feels something strange... She feels her feet tapping. She keeps guarding. But this time, her legs start moving along. She stands still again, until her hips start moving... And she starts dancing! She does a spin, and as she trips and falls, she suddenly feels the silliness inside her body, glowing orange. She finally enters the Cube, with Axo looking at her with satisfaction.

Kiazuki slides down the Rainbow, passing through the Hemkas' limbo line. Hanazuki congratulates her, and Little Dreamer gives her a Pizza Treasure. She drops it on the floor, except it doesn't turn into a Treasure Tree. But Kiazuki picks it up and dances with the others. Hanazuki tells Kiazuki that, she did like dancing after all, and Kiazuki tells her to not be silly, as she and everyone enjoys themselves at the Party Cube.

In a post-credits scene, while Axo is cleaning up the Cube, he looks at Orange Hemka with a confident smile.


  • When Kiazuki enters the Party Cube, a remixed version of the Theme Song is playing.

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