Doughy Bunington is a supporting character that resides in the Dark Side of Hanazuki's Moon. He lives in a farm growing pastries isolated from all the other residents of the moon due to being banished for bad behavior.


Doughy Bunington resembles a giant hot dog with arms and legs. A hot dog bun is attached to his back and he has yellow mustard lips. Doughy wears a yellow pointy crown, although this seems to bear no significance.

Doughy Bunington can understand what Treasure Trees say, as seen in Brain in a Cave.


Doughy is a timid individual that likes to eat, almost to the point of uncontrollable gluttony. He could not control himself from eating Chicken Plants wings. He is a gourmand who likes to take the time to critique the taste of the food he eats.


Pop Fun Shorts

Season 2


  • When the series was still in production, Doughy's original name was Fatty Bun Bun.[1]


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