Flochis are small aquatic creatures, native at Maroshi's moon, first appeared in the episode "Recovery".


After Maroshi's moon was destroyed by the Big Bad, they and Maroshi were forced abandon it behind which bought them to Hanazuki's moon.


Flochis have a slight resemblance similar to the Hemkas excepted with an otter features such as whiskers, arms & flippers. Like the species on most moons, like Unicorns and Hemkas, they come in different colours. Each colour represents a mood, just like Hemkas and Unicorns, but the moods have not been actually seen yet.

Appeared in

Season 1

Season 2


The only abilities shown by far is low flying or hovering, in the episode Rescued!.

Notable Flochis



Wanderer: Wanderer is a lavender Flochi that is often seen clinging to Maroshi instead of staying the rest of the school.
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