Good Cop Shiny Cop or (Policia Bueno Policia Deslumbrante) It is one of the short films of the web series Hanazuki Full Of Treasures and it is the third episode of the whole series of shorts of this program which was written by Whitney Ralls and directed by Allison Craig and Brian Muelhaupt


OR FOR ALL THE MOONS !!! Dazzlenssence jones lost his boots !!! .... ok, we do not care about his boots if not the behavior of Jones, we have to help him before a catastrophe or worse happens ... a dazzling catastrophe!


The episode begins with an accelerated and stressed diamond running towards the small moonflower and a certain lazy unicorn, the moment the diamond arrives, asks for help from her friend while waving her arms so fast to the point of raising her hair of the worried moonflower, when hanazuki asks jones what happens he shows her his long foot and in the form of choreography tells him that his boots disappeared, after that he kneels to the moonflower to beg him to please help him, sleepy unicorn by his part tells him a simple theory about his problem but the diamond of isteric and paranoid form only asks him through hanazuki if he has seen his precious boots, to which he replies that "no" with a prolonged yawn, Dazzlenssece meanwhile he thinks that sleepy enreality is not sleepy and that it is a double so he approaches the unicorn pushing the moonflower and asks him what his real name is ... sleepy replies that his name is "sleepy" and the diamond discards it from its blacklist as if nothing

After that begins an intense struggle to find the precious boots of Dazzlessence, who in truth is somewhat aggressive with all the inhabitants of the moon, while the search is determined by the good police (Hanazuki) and the Shiny police (Dazzlenssence Jones ) the duo goes through each corner of the moon to find answers until they finally end up with Chikenplant who, despite not having much to do with Dazzlenssence boots, comes sleepy to tell them that he already has some idea of where they might be

When the trio of friends go to the cave of security of the moon they can find the precious boots of Dazzlenssence, who takes them with joy and puts them so that at the end sleepy and hanazuki are relieved by the desenlance that has the search


.It's the first time we've seen Dazzlenssence Jones so aggressive to the point of pushing Hanazuki to the ground.
.The chapter itself is a clear parody of the game of good police and bad police.
.All the characters in the chapter were attacked "violently" by Dazzlenssence Jones except Kiazuki
.The soundtrack used during the short film can be a reference to the Disco culture of the 70s, Dazzlenssence Jones can be a big fan of that culture, since in almost every occasion he dances a music similar to this one is heard.
.It's the first and maybe the last time we see Dazzlenssence Jones without his boots ... in this case "Nude"
.All the anthropomorphic characters of the series have 4 fingers on their hands and feet, but Dazzlenssence curiously has only 3 fingers on their feet.
.It is the first time we see the characters in the series being attacked "violently" for now.
.Although the shorts were made during the second season, the short can be based on the first season of the series, considering the fact that the Yellow and Pink trees are on the cliff of Chikenplant, since in the episode "Rescued" All hanazuki trees die for the ice rain, also in the short "Treasure of Zicoro" It is also observed that it is based on the first season, since the kiazuki still does not know how to grow his treasure trees.
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