Green or Dark Green Hemka (or simply called Green) is a character in the web-series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. She is one among the group of Hemkas that live on Hanazuki's moon and represents the mood CUTE. It gets along with Yellow Hemka and Purple Hemka as well.


Green is a Hemka that is dominantly colored green (not to be confused with lime green). She has a stomach lighter than the rest of her coat, and a darker shade for her cheeks and the insides of her ears. Her mouth is often smiling while her eyes are always half-lidded. Her voice is clear, low and mellow, and tends to use the "t" sound a in the syllables she produces,

History and Personality

Green is a very endearing Hemka, with a playful side to her as well. While using Mirror Plant, her vocabulary was very lenient using words like "bummer" and "Hana-Z" in referring to Hanazuki. But this Hemka speaks japanese to the mirror plant because it's mood is cute.

She has inhabited the moon Hanazuki was born on, along with the other Hemkas, since the episode A Moonflower is Born. There has not been an episode released that centers on her or the mood she represents, but since a green treasure tree (along with a lavender and an orange one) can be seen in the background of The Volcano of Fears, it is safe to assume that Hanazuki has felt mellow sometime off-screen and grew it.

Her most notable appearance in the series so far is in Slow Sand Rises, where in her words were translated by Mirror Plant in order to explain to Hanazuki how Mirror Plant and the slow sand works.



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