This page contains a set of rules that must be followed when creating and editing pages throughout the wiki.


  • Information must be based on the English version of the show, if there is information that is exclusive to international versions, it must be added to the "Notes" section.
  • Pages must be written in English, either American or European, with proper spelling and grammar using the third-person point of view.


  • {{Infobox character}} (Note: case sensitive).
  • Appearance - Brief description of how they look.
  • History - Includes backstory and important actions that have affected the overall plot of the show.
  • Personality - Description of how the character acts and feels.
  • {{CharacterNav}}


  • {{Episode}}
  • Official Synopsis (if available)
  • Summary - summary of the episode, 3 paragraphs are enough.
  • Link to the Transcript and Gallery page (if applicable)
  • {{EpisodeNav}}

For format, you may refer to the General Layout Guidelines, or the Template Guide.

Gallery Pages

  • Only used on episode pages, with a few exemptions
  • {{Gallery}} template, followed by "Screenshots" header and {{GalleryNav}}
Example page: Little Blue Hemka/Gallery


  • All transcripts must be based on the English version of the show. Sounds such as filler words (uh, um, like, etc.), sound effects and stuttering are to be included in the transcript. The speaker must be written in bold, along with the colon separating the speaker and the dialogue.
  • The {{Scene}} template must be used to describe a new scene, while italicized text in parenthesis are used to describe action. The Scene template is also used to mark the start and the end of the transcript.
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