Lavender Hemka (or simply called Lavender) is a character of Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. She is a lavender colored Hemka who represents the mood Inspired.


Lavender is a Hemka that is dominantly colored light purple (not to be confused with the shade of purple on Purple Hemka). Her stomach and the inside of her ears are a hot magenta, while the shade of her cheeks are a slightly darker color of her coat.


According to the official Instagram, Lavender is very shy, but bursting with inspiration.[1]

She has inhabited the moon Hanazuki was born on, along with the other Hemkas, since the episode A Moonflower is Born. Since Lavender Treasure Trees can be seen around the picnic area in the episode The Volcano of Fears and in the background of Brain in a Cave, it is safe to assume Hanazuki has felt inspired sometime off-screen. She has shown his creativity in Hemkas Got Talent when she came up with the idea and design for a palace for Hanazuki, but broke under the pressure of the execution.

Until Hemkas Got Talent, Lavender's most notable appearance in the series was when she and Light Blue were painting a Treasure Tree together in Brain in a Cave. She is the most elusive of all the Hemkas, with hardly any screentime.


  • Lavender is the only Hemka that doesn't appear in the Hanazuki Mobile game.


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