Light Blue Hemka (sometimes Teal[1] or simply called Light Blue[2]) is a character of Hanazuki: Full of Treasures that is a light blue hemka colored Hemka who represents the mood Glamorous.


Light Blue is a Hemka that is dominantly colored a teal. His[3] stomach is a very light shade of light blue while the inside of his ears and the color of his cheeks are a darker shade of his coat.


Light Blue has inhabited the moon Hanazuki was born on, along with the other Hemkas, ever since the episode A Moonflower is Born. His most notable appearance is during Brain in a Cave, where Lavender and him are painting Treasure Trees according to Hanazuki's schedule.



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  2. Season 1: Episode 12, "Brain in a Cave" (3:18)
  3. Tweet by Brian Ellis:"unless there's an explicit future exception, all hemkas are male"
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