Lime Green Hemka (or simply called Lime Green or Lime) is a character in the web-series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. He is one among the group of Hemkas that live on Hanazuki's moon and represents the mood Scared.


Lime Green is a Hemka that is dominantly colored lime green (not to be confused with Green Hemka). His stomach is colored lighter than the rest of his coat, while his cheeks and the insides of his ears have a darker shade. By default, he doesn't smile and has pupils smaller than most Hemkas. His voice is high pitched and has the tendency to scream out of fear.

History and Personality

Lime Green has inhabited the moon that Hanazuki was born on, along with the other Hemkas, ever since the episode A Moonflower is Born. In that episode, he was one of the Hemkas that first got ahold of the treasure. During his turn with it, he fled and hid under a rock, and while everyone was distracted, he fled from behind and ran until Hanazuki caught the treasure.

In Strange Gravity, he was abandoned in a forsaken moon along with Hanazuki. Though Lime Green was fearful of all things present on that moon, Hanazuki kept insisting that he should stop living in fear just because of the unfamiliar terrain, but quickly saw the necessity of feeling scared when a giant hand of unknown origin attempted to attack her in the large pit of broken treasures they found. This feeling led to the growth of the first lime green treasure tree as she and Lime Green were being rescued.

Notes and Trivia

  • Many people confuse Green with Lime Green; both are completely different Hemkas representing Mellow and Scared respectively.
  • He is somewhat similar to Scaredy Smurf from The Smurfs, as they easily get scared by anything.


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