Little Dreamer is a main character in the web series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. He is responsible for delivering treasures to Moonflowers.


Little Dreamer seems to be an infant peacefully drifting along space. In every episode, Little Dreamer is dressed up in a different outfit.


Little Dreamer is an enigmatic individual. He seems to only be interested in delivering Treasures to Moonflowers, as he does not converse with them nor participate in their plights, even if they are having difficulties right in front of him when he delivers their treasures.

Although Little Dreamer seems to be an aimless drifter in space, he is quite capable of fending for himself if ever danger strikes. He is quite capable of dodging Red's assaults on him in Seeing Red and avoiding Twisted's lasers in Hide and Seek.

While generally calm and serene, sometimes Little Dreamer could be playful and mischievous - like while teasing Red Hemka in Seeing Red, by evading Red's traps but deliberately staying nearby, so Red could try to trap Little Dreamer again. At the end of this episode, Little Dreamer and Red salute each other, thus demonstrating that there is no animosity between them.

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