Maroshi is recurring character in Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. He is an ocean-themed Moonflower with a "surfer" personality.


Maroshi has tan skin, two darker linear marks on each cheek and a white triangle on his chest. His hair is blue and the flower on his head resembles a hibiscus. He wears two white bands on his arms. He wears a pair of green trunks with a hula hoop around his waist, and he is topless and barefooted.


Maroshi is relaxed to a fault. Though never particularly mean, he does not display any concern towards situations, thus having a devil-may-care personality towards his surroundings in general. This has both its pros and cons, as he is fun and enjoyable to be with, but tends to be irresponsible, unreliable and unpredictable in dire situations.

In "Feelin' It", he has trouble understanding how to grow Treasures. Throughout the episode, he felt carefree and relaxed about it. Hanazuki and Kiyoshi tried to make him feel something, but soon discovered that they couldn't force him to feel moods. Maroshi finally revealed that he felt remorse for giving up on his moon as it was destroyed, glowing black and growing a Black Treasure Tree.


"Don't worry, haven't forgot about your compadre."
—Maroshi after rescuing Hanazuki in "Recovery'

Maroshi, along with Kiyoshi, is a member of the "Garlandians," an association originally led by Kiazuki meant to help and save other moons aside their own from the Big Bad, until progress ceased because of Kiazuki's absence.

He saves Hanazuki from drifting aimlessly into space after nearly getting hit by an asteroid in the episode Recovery. He uses a flying surfboard and has Wanderer, a Lavender Flochi, with him as he saves her.

In Rescued!, it is revealed that the moon that exploded in the previous episode was his and that it was made mostly of water until the Big Bad attacked, froze the moon and eventually destroyed it. He evacuated his Flochis into Hanazuki's Moon without making any efforts to save his. In "Feelin' It", he is discovered to feel regret for not doing anything to save his moon, and grows a black Treasure Tree.


  • Chill/Mellow (Green/Dark Green)
  • Despair (Black)

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  • He is the second Moonflower to be a male, the first being Kiyoshi.
  • The Japanese word Maroshi (まろし) translates to "gather" in English.
  • Unlike the other known Moonflowers, Maroshi wears green clothing instead of black and has blue hair.
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