"Yo, check the ears Hana-Z. Mirror Plant doesn't DO anything. She just mirrors whatever you say."
—Mirror Plant, reflecting Green Hemka

Mirror Plant is a recurring character that resides deep within the forest area of Hanazuki's Moon. Mirror Plant's peculiar ability is to mimic the faces of those near it and to act as a "reflection" of the individual that she is mimicking.


Much like a moonflower, Mirror Plant is a sentient plant-being. However, Mirror Plant exhibits more plant-like qualities, such as having leaves for hands, and being rooted stationary to the ground. Without mimicking anyone, Mirror Plant is essentially faceless. She can also translate a Hemka in English. (Examples, Pink and Green)


Mirror Plant takes on the personality of the reflection of the individual they are mimicking. Regardless of having no personality of her own, Mirror Plant is still sentient and has feelings just like everyone else.


  • It is currently unknown what happened to Mirror Plant during the near fatal meteor strike of Hanazuki's Moon.
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