Miyumi is a Moonflower that appears in the second season of Hanazuki Full of Treasures.


Her appearance is very different compared to all the other Moonflowers so far. She has dark skin and very colorful clothes, such as a lavender dress with colorful platform boots. She has pointy eyelashes with red stripes on her cheeks. Her hair is long with bangs and two pigtails at the top. She wears multiple bracelets, and has two black star-shaped flowers on her head with white tips on her pistils.


  • Glamorous (Light Blue/Teal)
  • Sad (Blue)


Miyumi is an outgoing and confident moonflower, but can be naive and irresponsible. She can be self-centered since she prefers to enjoy herself rather than deal with any problems, such as having no idea how to care for her moon and preferring to let her Slooths roam without supervision.

Due to her self-esteem and seemingly relaxed life on her moon, a majority of her Treasure Trees are glamorous teal ones, to the point where she wasn't familiar with certain mood colors such as lime green (fear).

However, she is quick to own up to her irresponsibility when realizing her Slooths were disappearing, choosing to stay on her moon and take care of it rather than leaving.


She first met Hanazuki when Miyumi's Slooths dragged her through a portal to her moon. When she first met her, Miyumi just wanted her to have fun and ignored Hanazuki's fear and warnings.

Eventually, Hanazuki was able to convince Miyumi and taught her about the big bad, and how to properly care for her trees with teal goop from her goop waterfalls.

Eventually, it was revealed her Slooths were being stolen by a new unknown villain with an advanced black space ship, including her favorite teal Slooth, BB. Because of this, Miyumi promised herself to be a more responsible Moonflower, and gave Hanazuki her boombox as a gift.

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  • Miyumi is the first female Moonflower to have a name that does not end in "-zuki".
  • She and Maroshi are the only moonflowers that Hanazuki has not referred to as "sister" or "brother".
  • Miyumi is the first tan-skinned moonflower.
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