Pink Hemka (or simply called Pink) is a character in the series Hanazuki Full of Treasures. He is part of the group of Hemkas that live on Hanazuki's moon and represents the mood Loving.


Pink is a Hemka that is dominantly pink. He[1][2] has a light pink stomach, hot pink cheeks, and the insides of her ears are hot pink as well. His face often forms a smile, and even when happy, his eyes are usually in an "happy" position. His pupils are the biggest among the Hemkas, and they have two round shines in them. When in close-up, the smaller one sometimes turns into two small heart-shaped ones.


Pink has inhabited the moon Hanazuki was born on, along with the other Hemkas, ever since the episode A Moonflower is Born. The first Pink Treasure Tree grew as Hanazuki tried to save him from Slow Sand.



Pink is friendly and loving, and tends to be the kindest and most considerate of the Hemkas. His voice is middle in pitch, and he normally communicates with purrs and trills. In Slow Sand Rises, he was visibly distressed by the fallout between Hanazuki and the other Hemkas after the overheard conversation with Mirror Plant. In Brain in a Cave, when Hanazuki asked if they were all planning on abandoning the moon, Pink is the only one to attempt consoling him. In Better Together, when Kiyoshi sulks under a Black Treasure Tree, he attempts to approach him before being stopped by Hanazuki.


Pink tends to grip characters in a strong hug multiple times in the series. In Slow Sand Rises, he hugs a treasure plant upon seeing it sprout from the ground and offers a hug through Mirror Plant by the end of the episode. In Brain in a Cave, during the drill he hugs Blue to lift up his mood and Orange upon Hanazuki's instruction.



  • Despite having a feminine appearance, Hanazuki addresses Pink with male pronouns in the episode Slow Sand Rises, indicating Pink is male. This is confirmed by a tweet by Brian Ellis, a storyboarder on the show.
    • However in some international versions (such as the French version), Pink is addressed with female pronouns.


  1. Tweet by Brian Ellis:"Pink is correctly listed as male"
  2. Tweet by Brian Ellis:"unless there's an explicit future exception, all hemkas are male"
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