Purple Hemka (or simply called Purple) is a character of Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. He is a purple colored Hemka who represents the mood Courageous.


Purple is a Hemka that is dominantly colored purple. He has a stomach with a lighter shade than the rest of his coat, and a darker shade for his cheeks and the insides of his ears. His face is often smiling with challenging eyes, and has a moderate-pitched voice.



He is shown to be very reckless and brave in multiple occasions of the show. In Friend or Foe, he went to the Dark Side of the Moon despite Hanazuki's warnings against it and attempts to take on a Mazzadrill head on. In Better Together, he is the first to enter the mouth portal to the Dark Side in pursuit of Hanazuki, and he was the one that got closest to Twisted during the Hemka's assault in The Resistance. From the book He was cheering in all the spiky trees and made hanazuki happy.



Purple gets along with Zikoro very well. In Friend or Foe, he performs dangerous stunts with his for fun, like tumbling down a pyramid and jumping over the lava pit. In Homesick, he was the one to confront Zikoro during his aggressive breakdown over Kiazuki.

Doughy Bunington

Purple also seems to be closer to Doughy Bunington than other Hemkas on account that he is the only Hemka Hanazuki seems comfortable with taking to the Dark Side of the Moon. He is present in the dinner between Doughy and Hanazuki in the end of Forgive and Forget and the beginning of Brain in a Cave. He is the one to escort Doughy to the picnic in the episode The Volcano of Fears.

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