The Pyramids With A Face are secondary characters of the Web series Hanazuki Full Of Treasures, which have appeared since the first chapter of the series.

They are a species living on Hanazuki's moon. Like their name suggests, they are differently colored pyramids with faces.

The pyramids with faces are recurring characters of the series, and although the series does not focus much on them, they have proved to be very good secondary characters when it comes to appearing in a painting, until now their most recent appearances have been in short films. the series more than anything in the short "Doughy`s Full-Fillment".


The Pyramids with faces are usually very friendly and positive characters, they often look smiling except when the moon is in danger, apparently it does not bother them to be hit by accident as seen in "Removing The Home" when Zikoro is lashed against one from the eyes of the pyramid.

Apparently they also entertain themselves when seeing interesting things an example of that can be when Dazzlessence Jones dances in front of one while she is watching him with interest.


They have proved to be friendly with the other characters, as in the first episode of the series, when one tells Hanazuki her name, also with Zikoro and likewise with Doughy they have proven to be patient and understandable.


  • Many fans think that there is only one pyramid, but in reality there are many more. This is demonstrated in the short film, where several can be seen in the background.
  • So far, the character that is most associated with one of them is Doughy.

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