Raspberry Hemka (or simply Raspberry) is a character in the web series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. He first appeared in the show in the episode "Underground Escape" along with Emerald Hemka , but also appeared in the short "A Day in the Dream of Little Dreamer".


Raspberry is visually similar to other Hemkas. His coat is dominantly raspberry colored, with lighter and darker shade for his stomach and ears respectively. He has a distinct star-shaped shine in each pupil. His voice sounds like childish babbling.


He may have lived on Hanazuki's moon before Hanazuki was born in "A Moonflower is Born" along with Emerald Hemka in the underground mines of the moon, plus it is also likely that he along with Emerald Hemka were the servants of Depriva.

Depriva was the one that had them locked up in the mine during all that time.


Raspberry Hemka has a voice that sounds similar to a baby. He also has childlike interests. He represents the mood Hopeful as revealed in Hanazuki Many Moods Journal.

Appeared in

Pop Fun Shorts

Season 2


He is best friends with Emerald Hemka because they were both trapped underground together. Although after leaving, Hanazuki tries to win their friendship with varying results. He and Emerald are fond of Kiazuki's company for no apparent reason.


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