Susana Moreno (Mexico City, May 22, 1991) is a Mexican voice actress who began her professional career in 2005, and is currently known as the voice of Iris in Pokémon Best Wishes !, Birch Small in My Life and me, Apple Bloom in My Little Pony: The magic of friendship and Hanazuki in Hanazuki: Full Of Treasures


.It's a bit like hanazuki facially
.He already started making his voice recordings for the second season of the series to Latin America
.She played hanazuki in Hasbro's advancements such as "Meet The Hemkas, Meet The Moon, Meet Hanazuki" among others
.It continues interpreting to the moonflower in the second season which is rare, since all the personages of the series are interpreted by actors of dubbing different from those of the first season
.Hanazuki is her character with the lowest profile in her career as a dubbing actress ............ : `(
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