[ Abbreviated Theme Song ]

Scene: At Kiyoshi's moon

(Two unicorns play with each other until a space spam arrives at the moon. The orange unicorn decides to go, but the red unicorn stops it, and then laughs. However, he manages to get it. They both show Kiyoshi.)

Kiyoshi: More space spam? (He throws it on a stone.)

Hanazuki: (in message) Kiyoshi, I hope you get this. We need your help.

Kiyoshi: Oh no.

Scene: At Hanazuki's moon

Hanazuki: (grunting)

(She notices more goop buckets.)

Hanazuki: Huh? (It is revealed to be the Hemkas hiding under the goop buckets.) Huh?! You guys, I told you to stay back with the others to help unload the trees Kiazuki brought! (They get blown away.) And that's exactly why! (They all hit a pyramid with a face.) This can't keep happening guys. Look, it's nice of you to come help me, but you're safer back with them.

Scene: Kiazuki, Maroshi, Dazzlescence and Sleepy try to transplant the trees

Maroshi: (grunts of effort)

Dazzlescence Jones: Come on, guys! Gotta do this! Here we go!