Twisted Unicorn is the twin brother of Sleepy Unicorn and the former ruler of Unicorns Moon.


Twisted is a large black unicorn with grey colored hooves, a red snout, and a yellow twisted horn. He has a scar going diagonally across his right eye. Similar to his brother, his tail is tied by the base except the color of his ribbon is yellow, both his mane and tail are white and messily done.


It is explained in The Resistance that Twisted and his brother, Noble, were once normal unicorns until they used magic to make each other bigger, stronger, and granting them the ability to of speech, unlike other unicorns.

Twisted Unicorn (Only in Unicorn Dreams)

Twisted's first appearance

In Only in Unicorn Dreams, a memory of Twisted banishing Sleepy Unicorn from his moon for "betraying" him is projected from his dreams.

In Captured!, he abducts Hanazuki and Sleepy Unicorn onto his moon where he has overthrown the Moonflower and rules over unicorn soldiers. He claims that their Moonflower failed to stop the Big Bad and forces them to power a magical dome as protection. But in Hide and Seek, Sleepy mentions that Kiyoshi has been hunted down since before the Big Bad's first strike. When Hanazuki takes Kiyoshi to her moon and rogue unicorns fight against him, he is defeated and exiled from the moon. His current status and whereabouts since then are unknown at this point.



He has shown vast magical prowess in the show, such as:

  • Laser Beams - Twisted can fire harmful magic beams from his horn to attack his foes from afar.
  • Force Field - Twisted has used a cage-like Force Field to keep his prisoners in place.
  • Alteration - Twisted can transform objects from one form into another, such as turning the Spacesurfer into the Space Rover.
  • Magic Consumption - When ready, Twisted can take an incoming magic beam and feed off it, making him stronger, smarter, and larger than he was before.
  • Twister Transportation - Twisted can get around places through the use of a magic Tornado.
  • Space&Time Twist - Twisted can warp space&time, opening vortex-like wormholes from one moon to another. He usualy descend (and, presumably, ascend) from wormhole on the top of Tornado.


  • Twisted appears to be unusually susceptible to Treasure Trees Juice. Even just a skin contact provokes powerful emotional reaction, which Twisted seems to be completely unable to control.


  • In Only in Unicorn Dreams, Twisted Unicorn was wearing an eye-patch over his scar. But up to Captured!, he doesn't have it on.
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