Underground Escape is the second episode of the second season of the web series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures, and is the twenty-ninth in total. It premiered on October 5, 2018 in Mexico and the next day in Venezuela in addition to other Latin countries, too on August 03 in Russia


The slow sand season arrives and Hanazuki discovers that Doughy was swallowed. Bravely, she goes underground and rescues Doughy from a manipulative plant called Depriva.


The episode begins with a confused Maroshi being devoured by quicksand, while the carefree moonflower thinks that it is water in a thick state, the others try to help to get him out of there. Hanazuki begins to walk along a path with a megaphone in his hand to warn the entire moon to be careful where they walk since the quicksand season had begun.

During the journey the Moonflower realizes that the crown of a certain hot dog was being consumed by a quicksand, the moonflower starts to panic and at that moment a "Little Metal Dreamer" arrives with a treasure for her and she tells him that she must plant the treasure on the quicksand to get Doughy out of there, when Hanazuki does what he says, the tree grows successfully but it turns out that Doughy did not ascend as expected, so the Moonflower ventures to enter the quicksand and discover what is down there.

When Hanazuki reaches the underground, he realizes that Doughy is in a kind of mine and begins to look at the area with curiosity until a couple of creatures in the form of Worms find her. Hanazuki greets them and then asks if they have seen her friend Doughy somewhere but they take her by force and take her away with her master who apparently is a kind of female carnivorous plant called "Depriva".

At that moment Hanazuki finally manages to find Doughy who thinks that this plant is a new friend, The female plant in turn reveals that he has Doughy as his slave along with two Hemkas but who were in a corner of the mine scared and gray because they were dirty. Hanazuki is surprised by such discovery and in an attempt to escape, she takes the hemkas and Doughy with them, all try to climb the roots of the carnivorous plant to reach the surface by means of quicksand, but Depriva manages to solidify the sand revealing that she is responsible for creating such a phenomenon, then traps them and enslaves them by telling them that they must mine the area in search of trinkets.

Both Doughy and Hanazuki begin to mine the rocks of the mine with small stones while they are watched by the pair of worms who are distracted playing among themselves, meanwhile on the surface Sleepy and Dazzlessence look for Hanazuki in the area, during the process, Little Dreamer appears and indescribably goes into the volcano of fears and plunges headfirst into the lava.

Dazzlessence manages to hear a few hits on the ground who came from Hanazuki and Doughy, undermining the underground cave and looking at the pointed form of the volcano. They think of using it as a drill. Hanazuki in turn manages to tear off a piece of rock while mining and throwing it to the worms who began to argue for who would give him the trinket for his master, Hanazuki and Doughy try to escape during the process but are again captured by Depriva and in full process Dazzlessence manages to reach the underground area and through the created hole they all manage to escape from the cave including the poor and dirty hemkas.

Upon reaching the surface a cheerful Hanazuki tells everyone that he wants to introduce his new hemkas friends, but they let go of her arms and escape leaving Hanazuki's hands dirty, who manages to see that one of them is Emerald, and the other is Raspberry.

The episode ends with a comic scene where Maroshi looks for Wanderer, his purple Flochi, until he realizes that he always had him on his back and asked himself the meaning of things... only to find that he is stuck in another quicksand.



  • In this chapter introduces multiple new characters, but the most prominent are Raspberry Hemka and Emerald Hemka
  • You can notice quite the difference between the chapters of the second season and the first, since it could be said that the series does not even seem the same from the beginning in terms of the argument
  • The costume that Little Dreamer used in the episode is quite different from the ones he had used in later chapters, he was dressed like a rocker with a Mohican hairstyle
  • The chapter itself has nothing to do with its predecessor "Surprise, Surprise"
  • The voice of Doughy Bunnyntong in the Latin American dub of the second season of the series is possibly the voice of Eduardo Garza who is the uncle of Susana Moreno who, in turn, makes the voice of Hanazuki
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